About us

YENDORMUSIC is an independent music/entertainment company. It was formed out of the necessity to have an alternative to recording and performing Latin and jazz music without commercial restrictions. Seeking musicians and performers who have a clear vision of the direction Latin and jazz music. Maintaining strong roots of our past while looking towards the future is one of the many goals at Yendormusic.

YENDORMUSIC believes in giving the artist honest promotion and a fair opportunity to continue to develop artistically. While YENDORMUSIC approaches the music business with a sense of humor and a bit of wit, we are quite serious about the music we release and the performances we produce. One of our goals is to promote not only the recordings we produce but the bands and musicians we work with.

One of the
unique aspects about the genres of music that YENDORMUSIC produces is that it has a broad demographic base. Thus allowing us to reach a wider audience throughout the world. YENDOR products can be found throughout the USA, Canada, El Caribe,Central & South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa. YENDORMUSIC  maintains the rich tradition which makes Latin music a favorite among music lovers around the world.

YENDORMUSIC has a vision towards the future. We will continue to venture into the areas of bookings and producing concerts and festivals. Keep your ear to the ground for further updates. The next wave of Latin music is on YENDOR.