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YENDOR RECORDS is the recording division of YENDORMUSIC. As of this date YENDOR RECORDS has released two recordings by the Latin Jazz group PUERTO RICO/NEW YORK. Their first recording entitled PR/NY: PR/NY was well recieved by the listening public. The CD contained three tunes which shot up the charts. Descarga#1, El Vasilon and Descarga #3. These tunes were favorites among listeners and dancers in New York, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. This recording is a mix of Latin dance music with jazz harmonies and improvisations and jazz tunes with Latin rhythmic pulses. It contains eight original pieces which fuses the musical elements  into a New York blend.

Yendor's second release entitled Puerto Rico/New York: "If You Don't Know...You Should Know"!  Here the group continues where they left off. This recording was also well recieved by the public. Producing two tunes which shot up to #1 and #11 respectively. Maintaining their group sound, PR/NY perform on eight more original tunes with the same concept of blending the various elements into a unique sound. The production for this recording allowed for a bigger sound with extensive harmonies and avantgard interludes.

Yendor Records also produced  two recordings by the  percussion trio entitled Ritmo ala Puente. These recordings will be released as vol.1 and vol.2. The recordings are a percussive tribute to the late master timbalero Tito Puente. The tunes were concieved in the melodic drumming style created by Puente. Vol.1 contains eight percussion rhythms with improvisation by the drummers. Vol.1 has the trio accompanied by Cherina Mastrontonis on bass.

Vol.2 is a continuation of vol.1. Recorded one year later by the same trio of percussionists. This recording features eight rhythms which did not appear on vol.1. The trio is accompanied by Joey Hernandez on bass.

 A must for all percussionists.

YENDOR RECORDS is currently preparing a new recording by Puerto Rico/New York entitled "That's All I Have To Say About That"! This recording will contain eight tunes in the PR/NY style with a few added twist and turns. Hot latin dance music with exciting jazz for the listeners as well as the dancers.

is also working on projects by Elliot Pineiro and Sumba Swing, Angel Rodriguez "El Cantante Del Barrio" and The real Ruben Gonzalez. These recordings will be avaiable in 2011 as part of the YENDOR RECORDS anniversary releases.

will continue to record and produce Latin music which maintains the rich tradition of all styles in Latin music such as salsa, son, bolero, rumbas, etc. and jazz music which is on the cutting edge.

The next wave of latin music is on YENDOR.

Contact info: info@yendormusic.com